Luxury packaging.

It is said that the luxury packaging industry is on the rise, and many prestige companies are fighting to have the best, luxurious packaging on the shelves. Packaging plays a big role in making your product look luxurious alongside many other factors, such as the material, finish and shape of your packaging. Read below to find out how HLP Klearfold can make bespoke luxurious packaging for your product:


Clear plastic packaging offers a lightweight option to packaging without having to compromise on the quality. Plastic doesn’t damage easily and holds its shape longer than other alternative materials. HLP Klearfold manufactures a wide range of environmentally friendly packaging, all of which can be recycled, and offers the preferred RPET material, which is produced with up to 30% of post-consumer waste. Read our materials page to get a detailed look at all the materials we use.


HLP Klearfold manufactures bespoke packaging, which means we structure the packaging to fit your product, no matter what shape or size. Our young, talented graphics and construction design team will work alongside you and your product to create the best clear packaging possible for your product. Because the packaging we manufacture is bespoke to your own product’s needs, your packaging can be truly unique and can be designed to give a luxurious feel.


HLP Klearfold’s soft creasing technology will help give a luxurious feel to your clear printed packaging. It works like no other creasing machine as it uses radio frequency creasing, making sure your packaging folds precisely with clear, strong lines. HLP Klearfold can also add an anti-scratch oil to your transparent packaging, further maximising a luxurious feel. The anti-scratch oil also eliminates any scratches or damage to your packaging once it is on the shelves, to ensure the luxurious feeling is never lost.

Hair product packaging

Hair products are best suited to customised, luxury packaging, giving the product a high end, professional impression. The hair product industry is huge, and it takes a lot to really stand out. HLP Klearfold is here to help make that happen. Our professional team can help create customised hair product packaging that will fit your product perfectly. HLP Klearfold can help design; hair extension packaging, hairbrush and comb packaging, hair clip and pin packaging and many more.

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