HLP Klearfold’s bespoke packaging!

Why choose bespoke packaging?

Bespoke packaging is one of the main ways to get your product noticed on the shelf. Bespoke packaging can be produced so it holds your product in any shape and size you wish. It can also be made bespoke to your product, minimising waste. When products are packaged in unusual shapes, they catch the attention of the consumer’s eye, thus resulting in a possible purchase.

HLP Klearfold bespoke clear packaging

HLP Klearfold has the machines and expertise to supply bespoke packaging for any product. There are no limits when it comes to the abilities HLP Klearfold have when making sure that your product is packaged in the best way. Clear packaging also has a number of advantages, the main advantage being that consumers can see first hand what product they are purchasing, eliminating any doubt. HLP Klearfold’s transparent packaging is durable and affordable, and with a wide range of design effects, your packaging will cut through the cluttered shelves, making sure it’s your product that stands out from the crowd.

The recyclability of HLP Klearfold’s clear plastic packaging.

HLP Klearfold supplies APET, RPET and PP material, which are all widely recyclable.


PET plastic is the most commonly used plastics in daily life. As a raw material, PET is recognized as a safe, non-toxic, durable, flexible material that is 100% recyclable. PET plastics can be recycled at home and are collected curbside.

PP is another commonly used plastic material, and like PET is 100% recyclable. PP material is a highly versatile material that can be easily recycled. Packaging which is made from PP plastics can be identified by a #5 resin identification code which will be on the packaging.

Like PET, PP can be recycled at home through curbside programmes as well as your local recycling centre. Recycled polypropylene can be made into Mixing bowls, spatulas and cutting boards; shovels and watering cans.

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