Recyclable toy packaging.

There is a wide range of toys on the market that require unique and safe packaging. HLP Klearfold can work with you to make sure that your toy packaging meets all the requirements. There are a few things you need to take note of when looking to packaging toys.

Appeal to both parents and children:

Your packaging needs to grab the attention of children while reassuring this product is safe, age-appropriate and worth the price. Transparent packaging can help persuade your audience, it allows the parents to view the toy, eliminating any doubt. HLP Klearfold also has an excellent design team on hand that can guide you to make sure all the information you need, is placed on the clear packaging in a clear and tidy way. Parents won’t be willing to purchase your product unless they are convinced, first impressions count and HLP Klearfold’s clear packaging can make sure your message is put across clearly.


The toy market is highly competitive, and it is very important to make sure your product’s packaging helps to target the correct audience and stands out from the crowd. Whilst keeping your packaging unique, it is also important to make sure the image and ethos of your brand is consistent and match the packaging. HLP Klearfold can help keep your clear printed packaging unique while ensuring your brand is consistent throughout. HLP Klearfold has a wide range of design effects which can be implemented on your clear packaging, view HLP Klearfold’s design page to learn more about what is on offer.

Material and functionality:

The material and functionality of the clear packaging are very important, it’s crucial to make sure your packaging is environmentally friendly. HLP Klearfold supply environmentally friendly packaging, which is easily recyclable. HLP Klearfold’s clear printed packaging will keep your toy packaging hygienic and safe.

HLP Klearfold can supply you with a range of bespoke toy packaging, from soft toy packaging to toy doll and toy car packaging. Get in touch with us today to find out how HLP Klearfold can create bespoke toy packaging for your product, keeping it unique and secure.